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Fleet Jeatstream -41

The 30 seat Jetstream 41 is the fastest Turbo Prop Aircraft in operation in Nepal.

Jetstream - 41 specificactions

Powerplants Two 1230 KW (1650 SHP) Honeywell TPE331-14 GR/HR turboprop engines driving five blade McCauley propellers
Performance Maximum Speed: 463 km/h (250 kt), 
Maximum Take Off Weight: 10,866 kg (24,000 lb)

a. Length:19.33 m (63 ft 5 in)
b. Height: 5.61 m (18 ft 5 in)
c. Wing Area:18.42 m (60 ft 5.3 in)

d Wing Span:18.42m (60ft 5.3in). 

eCabin Headroom: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

Capacity a. Two Flight crew and one cabin attendant
b. Main cabin seating for up to 29 at 3 abreast & 76cm (30in) pitch (legroom)

The 30 seat jetstream 41 is the fastest turboprop aircraft in opearation in Nepal. It is modern ,pressurized,twin turboprop powered by Honeywell 1650 SHP engines and McCauley propellers. It has the most advanced avionics cockpit amongst turboprops in operation in Nepal and is fitted with the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System(EGPWS) and  the advanced Traffic Collision Avoidance System(TCAS II)to ensure utmost navigational safety during flight.