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Sky Club Restaurant Partners


S.N Restaurant/Cafe Discount(%) Location
1 Bakes & Cakes Total Bill:15% Durbarmarg
2 Old House Pvt. Ltd Total Bill:15% Durbarmarg
3 Kaffeine Foods Pvt. Ltd Total Bill:15% Durbarmarg
4 Baneshwor Kitchen Total Bill:15% Baneshwor
5 Universal Cafe Total Bill:10% Baneshwor
6 Dining Park Total Bill:15% Baneshwor
7 AT Burger Total Bill:10% Chabahil
8 Tibet Kitchen Total Bill:15% Boudha
9 Cafe Bir Tandoori Total Bill:10% Boudha
10 Little Italy Total Bill:15% Kamaladi
11 GG Machan Total Bill:15% Jhamsikhel
12 Sing Ma Food Pvt. Ltd Food/Bar:10% Jhamsikhel
13 Jalan Jalan Restaurant Food: 20% Beverage:20% Venue:50% Jhamsikhel
14 Piano B Total Bill:15% Jhamsikhel
15 Chai Chai Cafe Food/Bar:15% Patan
16 Hangout De Cafe Food: 10% Bar:5% Patan
17 Cafe De Patan Food:15% Bakery:25% Room:10% Patan
18 Black Pepper Food: 10% Beverage:10% Patan
19 Embers Cafe Ala carte:15% Conference:10% Food:10% Patan
20 Dhokaima Cafe Ala carte:20% Bakery:20% Patan
21 Mikes Breakfast Food:15% Bakery:20% Bar:10% Baluwatar
22 Mo:Mo Magic Total Bill: 15% Maharajgunj
23 Himalayan Healers of Nepal All Services: 20% Thamel
24 Olive Cafe Total Bill:10%


25 Dechenling Garden Restaurant Food/Bar:10% Thamel
26 Green Organic Cafe Food/Bakery:20% Bar:10% Thamel
27 Thamel House Restaurant Total Bill:10% Thamel
28 Cafe Mitra Food/Bar: 15% Breakfast:20% Thamel
29 Rosemary Kitchen  Total Bill:10% Thamel
30 Hello Kitty Restaurant Total Bill:15% Thamel
31 Third Eye Restaurant Total Bill:10% Thamel
32 Krua Thai Restaurant Food:15% Bakery:15% Thamel
33 Capital Grill Total Bill:10% Thamel
34 Fifth Corner Total Bill:10% Thamel
35 Le Sherpa Total Bill:15% Lazimpath
36 Wellness Organic Club Food/Bakery/Bar/Parlour/Health Club :20% Spa:40% Lazimpath
37 Lupis Himalayan Bistro Total Bill:15% Lazimpath
38 Wunjala Moskava Total Bill:15% Naxal
39 De Arena Restaurant Food/Drinks:15% Bhaktapur
40 Aroma Cafe Coffee/Tea/Bakery/Birthday Cakes:15% Jamal
41 The Hut Total Bill:15% Satdobato, Maitighar
42 Rooftop Restaurant Total Bill:10% Biratnagar
43 KC Restaurant And Bar Total Bill:10% Biratnagar
44 Mandro Restaurant And Bar Total Bill:10% Dharan
45 Aagan Hotel Total Bill:10% Dharan
46 Byanjan Grill & Bar Food/Bar/Bakery:15% Pokhara
47 The Lakeside Retreat Room/Total bill:15% Pokhara
48 Busy Bee Cafe Food/Bar:10% Pokhara
49 Tea Time Bamboostan Cafe Total Bill;15% Pokhara
50 Hungry Eye Restro & Bar Total bill:10% Pokhara
51 Trek-O-Tel Room:15% Food/Bar:5% Pokhara