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Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition
  • SkyClub membership is free of cost and open to individuals above 12 years of age, who are either Nepali citizen or foreigner (including Indian Nationals) with a valid residence or work permit.
  • Applications will not be considered for enrolment if the form is found incomplete in any manner or if any of the details provided at the time of enrolment are found to be incorrect or non factual.
  • The SkyClub Membership card and membership number may be used only by the member.
  • The SkyClub card, account numbers and mileage points are non-transferable.
  • The SkyClub card is not a credit card and can be used only for purposes that have been defined in the SkyClub program.
  • The membership is valid for three years from the date of membership, unless extended by the Yeti Airlines.
  • Fraud or misuse of SkyClub membership card or SkyClub program benefits may result in termination of membership or withdrawal of benefits at the discretion of Yeti Airlines.
  • Failure of a member to quote the membership account number and name while booking, purchasing ticket or checking-in for flights may result, Sky Points not being credited to the member’s account. Such left tickets will be entertained within 3 months of flying date for mileage entry.
  • An application for membership will denote the acceptance and explicit authorization of Yeti Airlines to use any data for various purposes.
  • Mileage Reward Ticket (MRT) will be issued only on confirm reservation seats for specific dates, hence such MRTs cannot be issued as open tickets.
  • If the card is lost, a duplicate card can be issued on a written request and with a charge of NRs.100.00
  • In case of any dispute or misunderstanding, the decision of Yeti Airlines will be considered final and binding.